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journalpretties's Journal

Journal Pretties
External Services:
  • journalpretties@livejournal.com
  • vapidvenus

In this journal you will find these general themes:
• Labyrinth
• Legend
• Slytherin
• Draco/Hermione
• Miscellaneous movies/celebrities


• Credit journalpretties in keywords. (If you do not know how to do this, scroll down to "a few basics".) If you take a banner, credit me in your info page or under the image itself.

• Let me know when you take an icon by leaving a comment.

• Save what you take to your computer.

• Do not hot link/remote link. Aside from it being rude, it costs my friend money.

Do not alter my bases. If you want a base to be customized, let me know and I will more than likely try to accommodate you.

• I generally do not accept requests. However, if you want an icon made that fits into any of the themes listed above, I might consider making it.

A few basics:

How to give credit in keywords: Go to the bar at the top of the LJ website and go to "Manage", then to "User Pictures". Beside your icons, there will be little boxes for you to type text into. Type "by <lj user=journalpretties>" into the appropriate box and click the save button.

How to use a Friends Only banner: Save the image to your computer and then upload it to a host. This could be your personal website, or, if you don't have one, Photo Bucket is good.

Type this html into your bio or journal entry:

<img src="http://your image link">

If you uploaded the file to your host properly, the image will be displayed. If you want the banner centered, add <center> </center> on either side of the link.